Become a Better Hitman By Using His Tools of the Trade

Being a successful and feared hitman is about more than just walking up to one’s target and pulling out a gun. In fact, that’s probably the worst thing a so-called professional assassin can do. It won’t strike fear into the heart of one’s enemies, and it’s all too likely to result in a rather short career. No, the truly great hitman takes out their target indirectly, making full use of all the tools at their disposal.

With Hitman 2, players will have several new gadgets to use and techniques to employ in their efforts to fulfill their contracts. Remotely-detonated cellphones and proximity tasers will ensure the target’s removal no matter where Agent 47 actually is, but he’ll need to get close enough to plant them. He can always disguise himself, but getting around high-security areas can still prove tricky without some help. Agent 47 doesn’t need any back up though; he can distract guards with remote audio devices and disposable scramblers. He can also aid his sneaking by using mirrors to see around corners, but this only works if the guards aren’t looking at that mirror at the same time.

Hitman 2 launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 13; check out our review of the previous Hitman game and see if living a day in the life of Agent 47 sounds fun.