Save Lives as a 911 Operator on Nintendo Switch

The quintessential emergency response strategy simulator is coming to Nintendo Switch. Developer SONKA announced today that the newly optimized title will hit Nintendo’s console by the end of October, and it will be coming with over 900 different cities complete with realistic layouts and infrastructure. It might sound overwhelming, but that’s kinda what the job is, isn’t it?

In 911 Operator, players step into the shoes of an emergency services dispatcher and must both quickly and correctly. Some calls will be easily fielded with simple first aid instructions, while others require a full police and fire response. Determining what kind of response is needed, where it’s needed and when is the name of the game here, and failing to direct resources properly could result in loss of life. So yeah, no pressure.

911 Operator features two main modes: Career and Free Play. Career mode consists of a six-city series, with each escalating from more mundane problems to serious crises like earthquakes and bomb threats. Free Play, on the other hand is exactly what it sounds like; just pick a city and see what managing it is like. There are over 140 different types of situations to deal with, and resources include everything from first aid kits to bomb squads. It’s a high-pressure and often thankless job, but someone’s gotta do it.

911 Operator comes to Nintendo Switch on October 26.