Shadow Warrior 2 Wins GOG’s 10th Anniversary Giveaway – Free for Two Days

GOG did something different with its big 10th anniversary sale by putting a free game up to a vote – and Shadow Warrior 2 won. The original Shadow Warrior was a tongue-in-cheek gorefest that helped poke fun at ’90s tude, while its modern-era remake did the same thing – but with a much nicer coat of paint. Beyond shooting folks, you can also slice and dice them with handheld circular blades – so it does offer up some variety when it comes to killing enemies. It’s normally a $40 release – so being able to get it for free is huge. The big key is to jump on this while you can, because it’s only available for two days. Luckily, GOG has a countdown clock for it. Both Firewatch and Superhot have discounts available as the runner-up games – with Firewatch getting a 75% discount and SUPERHOT getting a 50% discount.