Everything that has Happened in Assassin’s Creed So Far: The Initiate’s Story

The latest entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, is almost upon us. As the eleventh mainline game, Odyssey carries with it a lot of history. We’ve come a long way since the simple story of Altair and Desmond Miles first launched. As such, what has happened so far? With so many games in this on-going franchise, there’s a lot to cover. Join us as we take a look back at the past ten Assassin’s Creed games.

Spoiler Warning for Assassin’s Creed Unity and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

Assassin’s Creed Unity
Era: French Revolution
Assassin: Arno Dorian
Templar Grand Master: Francois-Thomas Germain

Arno’s Story: Following the death of his father at the hand of Shay, Arno is adopted by Templar Grand Master Da La Serre whose daughter, Elise, he becomes infatuated with. On the night of Elise’s induction into the Templar Order, Da La Serre is assassinated and Arno is blamed. Dragged to the Bastille, Arno meets Assassin Pierre Bellic who trains and later escapes with him during the storming of the Bastille.

Swearing revenge for the death of his adoptive father, Arno joins the Assassins. The brotherhood questions his loyalty, however, when he refuses to cut off ties with Elise. Arno soon discovers a power struggle within the Templar ranks that led to the death of Da La Serre. Teaming up with Elise, both parley with the brotherhood to defeat the rogue Templar faction led by Francois-Thomas Germain, a Sage. Bellec, unhappy with the situation, orchestrates the death of the leader of the brotherhood for working with the Templars. Arno kills him and later confesses his love to Elise.

Arno and Elise track Germain to the execution of King Louis XVI. Rather than finishing the fight, however, Arno opts to save Elise from death. This angers her and Arno is exiled from the Assassins, which leads to a drunken depression. With the help of Elise, however, he gets over it and goes to confront Germain. Wielding the Sword of Eden, Germain kills Elise and is in turn killed by Arno. Now a Master Assassin, Arno vows to keep Elise’s memory alive and buries Germain in the catacombs of Paris where nobody will ever find his body.

The Initiate’s Story: A player of Helix, Abstergo’s gaming device, the Initiate plays the memory of the sacking of the Templar Temple in Paris. Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay entrusts a Templar with the Sword of Eden and a book. Both objects are hidden in a crypt before an Assassin kills him. After witnessing the burning of Molay, the Initiate is contacted by modern-day assassin Bishop.

She reveals that Abstergo has initiated Project Phoenix, which uses Sage DNA to compile a whole precursor genome. The Assassins ask the Initiate to go through Arno Dorian’s memories to learn where another Sage is buried. They eventually discover that is impossible to collect Germain’s DNA due to where Arno buried him.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
Era: Victorian London
Assassins: Jacob and Evie Frie
Templar Grand Master: Crawford Starrick

Jacob and Evie’s Story: The Frye twins are dispatched to London to help the local brotherhood overthrow Starrick and his Templars. Meeting fellow assassin Henry Green, Jacob and Evie argue over how best to free London. Jacob advocates for taking the fight straight to the Templars, while Evie argues for finding the Piece of Eden they’re desperately trying to find. For the meantime, they both agree to peel power away from the Templars by capturing boroughs.

Jacob quickly moves to eliminate high-ranking Templar lieutenants that control aspects of London’s economy. Meanwhile, Evie’s search for the Piece of Eden puts her into direct conflict with Lucy Throne, who is searching for it on behalf of the Templars. Evie also frequently deals with the fallout of Jacob’s assassinations, which drives a wedge in their relationship. They agree to work together on one more mission, assassinate Starrick.

With his lieutenants dead, Starrick moves to gain the Piece of Eden, identified as the Shroud, himself. The Frye twins infiltrate a party at Buckingham Palace, the location of the Shroud. Starrick captures it first and, upon wearing it, gains immense strength and enhanced healing. Working together, the Frye twins are finally able to assassinate him and put an end to their feud. They return the Shroud to the vault before being knighted by Queen Victoria.

The Initiate’s Story: Bishop contacts the Initiate with a new mission: access the memories of the Frye twins and locate the Shroud. The Initiate is then shown a video of assassins Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane attempting to capture senior Templars Isabelle Ardant and Alvaro Gramatica. It turns out to be a trap, however, with fellow Templar agents Otso Berg and Violet da Costa waiting to attack. Bishop uses a pre-planted explosive to help them escape.

Meeting up with assassin Galina Voronina, the duo head to the vault to acquire the Shroud. Unfortunately, a firefight breaks out between Otso Berg, da Costa and Ardant. Berg is knocked unconscious, Ardant is killed and Rebecca is injured. Meanwhile, da Costa escapes with the Shroud. It is later revealed that she is part of the Instruments of the First Will group, which intends to use the Shroud to resurrect Juno.

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