Mobile Puzzler Euclidean Skies Announced

Euclidean Lands was an overlooked puzzle game for mobile devices, one that made great use of shifting, Rubik’s Cube-esque landscapes. Now, though, we thankfully have a sequel that was recently announced, Euclidean Skies, that will hopefully get more attention. The announcement trailer and screenshots below don’t do things justice, though, as this time entire puzzles can be unfolded and reshaped for multiple solutions, allowing for a deeper game.

To enhance the visuals and puzzle designs even further, players will be be able to use an AR mode that actually lets them walk around the puzzles before them. Euclidean Skies comes out for iOS on October 25, but pre-orders are available now. It certainly looks like a win for developer Miro Straka and publisher kunabi brother, so check it out.