New Darksiders III Trailer Unveils Force Fury

The Darksiders franchise makes its comeback this Autumn with Darksiders III, and being an over-the-top action game, naturally has a lot to show off. So now we get a look into Force Fury, a Hollow form for our protagonist, Fury. Throughout the game, Fury will unlock new powers and four Hollow forms she can switch between at will. Force Fury is one of those forms, and as seen in the new trailer below, it packs quite a wallop.

This power on display all comes from Fury being able to concentrate energy and unleash it in various ways. Said ways include forming giant hammers or using magnetism to draw in scenery for weapons or transport. All of this also showcased the surprisingly colorful apocalypse, filled with impressive enemy designs. Darksiders III hits PC, PS4, and XB1 on November 27, and should be sure to please a ton of hack-and-slash fans.