Screenshot Saturday Featuring Backbone, Euclidean Skies, Many More

Hello, and welcome back to another round of Screenshot Saturday! As usual, we’ve taken to Twitter and the #screenshotsaturday tag to gather up a crop of peeks at promising indies in the pipeline to play later on. We’re heading into October now, but developers aren’t breaking out the Halloween decorations just yet, focusing on business as usual at the moment. Of course, “business as usual” still means hard-boiled raccoons, giant hippos, and sentient musical robots, among other things, as we’ll see this week. So let’s get on with the show already!

Backbone- Even if it is set in a dystopian version of Vancouver with a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, a game with film noir inspirations is still going to have a lot of the traditional film noir touches, like seedy let somehow classy smoke-filled bars and potential femme fatales. This one scene alone gives off those distinctive noir vibes, and combined with some impressive pixel art, sets the stage for an impressive graphic adventure with our raccoon detective.

Euclidean Skies- This sequel to Euclidean Lands looks to be another impressive mobile puzzle game based around players shifting lands about, Rubik’s Cube-style. And alongside what appears to be addictive gameplay is an intense amount of effort put to various details in the visuals, as seen here with lighting and shadows. It may have been hell to implement, but it looks like it’ll hopefully be worth it.

Moons of Darsalon- Sort of a mix of old-school action games and Lemmings-style puzzlers, where players use a ground-building gun and traditional weaponry to lead other astronauts to safety, in what appears to be a clever and fun blend. This time around, though, the people you’re leading around will react to your actions in various ways, sometimes even mockingly…which leads to potential moments like this. Serves him right.

Hazelnut Bastille- This impressive throwback to the likes of Secret of Mana and A Link to The Past is evidently ready to begin its crowdfunding campaign, just as soon as they have a little more support. And if the classic action and stunning pixel art wasn’t enough of a reason to support the game, then the fact that it also features insane moments like having to throw yourself into a giant hippo’s mouth should seal the deal, so yeah, maybe see about that newsletter…

Jenny LeClue- If a film noir-inspired game invokes certain classic tropes, then one inspired by literary adventures of child detectives invokes others. And Jenny’s enthusiasm to get to the bottom of things as she eavesdrops through a keyhole to see what’s going on parallels our own enthusiasm, going over the snippets of this colorful and intriguing mystery game as we anticipate its eventual release soon.

Kine- A cute and clever 3D puzzler about a trio of musical robots moving around in a block-like fashion, trying to meet up and form a band. And indeed, seeing our charming little accordion(?) lass(?) in action is enough to bring anyone’s spirits up, even if just for a bit, so that bodes well for the game as a whole.

Sand is the Soul- The last time we had featured this action RPG here, it didn’t really feel like we had selected a scene that highlighted the post-punk atmosphere its universe was going for. So let’s remedy that a bit with this latest scene, featuring a Victorian city splashed with neon while still giving off dark vibes, like something out of an old video by The Cure. And as a post-punk fan, it’s something I can’t wait to see more of myself.

Family Man- So try to imagine this scenario: A recently-fired man goes into Walter White mode and decides he needs to still provide for his family via whatever means necessary, even if that means going down some dark paths. So when you see him holding a gun in plain sight outside a fishing shack that also sells booze, what do you expect to go down? Whatever your guess is, it looks to be gleefully crazy, dark, and/or intense no matter what.

Viviette- The developers behind 16-bit action throwbacks such as Bot Vice and Strikey Sisters return, this time taking a surprising turn into horror and adventure games. It’s all about exploring a mysterious mansion, and even this short snippet from the trailer alone sets the mood perfectly, so that’s a good sign.

The Mirror’s End- Admittedly, you may prefer a larger screen for this top-down adventure/arcade game, as a venue this small may not entirely do it justice. But then again, you can still get a good feel for the action and visuals from this bit, so it still works. We strongly recommend checking out the official site for an additional look at this intriguing title, though.

Aquamarine- Okay, so as detailed in the Kickstarter update that this tweet links to, this is actually a very early version of the game that would BECOME Aquamarine, a Moebius-inspired adventure about exploring and surviving on an alien planet entirely covered in water. You can get a better view of the current game on its Kickstarter page (and chip in, if you wish), but it says a lot that even at this beginning stage, it still looks extremely captivating.

Starfallen- It may say a lot about a game’s challenge level that even in the tutorial level, everything is trying to kill you and things are quite action-packed. And it says a lot about a game’s enjoyment level that even with a tutorial where everything kills you, things still look like an incredibly damn bit of fun overall.

Warriorb- A platformer where, as the title implies, you are a warrior with an orb-like body, having to fling and roll themselves through various levels on the way to victory. It’s definitely an interesting concept, and as seen here, definitely shows potential in both the action and puzzle areas, so think about keeping an eye out for this one.

Tamashii- A puzzle-platformer where…*looks at above screenshot again*…you know what, it’s more entertaining to leave something like that devoid of context. The game looks good, just know that.