Play as Mipha in Breath of the Wild Mod

ShrineFox is at it again with some fun and interesting mods to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We have covered their antics previously when Kamen Rider was added and even further back with putting Ness and friends into Paper Mario.

This time, Mipha is available for use in Breath of the Wild. The Zora princess and Champion of Hyrule has some pretty creative additions to her model. Playing as Mipha allows you to swim up waterfalls and enter Gerudo town regardless of your armor. Vah Ruta’s symbol has been placed on the glider and you can wield an unbreakable Lightscale Trident.

This is the Switch version of the mod as the Wii U one was uploaded nearly a year ago. Check out the footage below for a look at how to play as Mipha (along with a little teaser for something else at the end).