Stories Untold Developer No Code Unveil New Game ‘Observation’

Glasgow-based, Scottish developer No Code are back from a brief period of silence to unveil their next project and the follow-up to last year’s Stories Untold — a game we took immense satisfaction from (even if said satisfaction came by way of a very unsettling, if still well-written tale…or many tales to be precise) and even went as far as to highlight it as one of the year’s best adventure games in our humble opinion.

Observation, as this new game is titled, takes players instead up into more contemporary albeit still anxious surroundings of space and behind the lens of an on-board AI system referred to as SAM — assisting lone crew member Dr. Emma Fisher in the form of puzzle-solving, after a mysterious event not only causes major damage to the station, but also results in the sudden disappearance of the other members of the crew. Devolver Digital will once again be publishing.¬†Observation is planned for release for PS4 & PC in Spring 2019. Check out the game’s reveal trailer (courtesy of IGN) below.