Daybreak Games Announces EverQuest 2 Expansion: Chaos Descending

The newest expansion for EverQuest 2, Chaos Descending, is now available for pre-order with immediate open beta access to everyone who pre-orders. New features include expanded lore where the Elemental Planes of Order are thrown into chaos. Norrathaians must return to the planes to solve a Celestial mystery and restore balance to the planes of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. New zones, dungeons, themes, signature adventure quests, raids, and more new story content will highlight a vast array of new adventures for Norrathians to battle through and defeat the denizens of the Elemental Planes and their puppet master. Additionally, mounts may now use equipment and can be leveled up to level ten. More information about this expansion can be found in the EverQuest 2 livestream and on their website.