Legendary Pokémon Toys Coming to McDonald’s Happy Meals

Receiving a Happy Meal is always a special moment filled with joy. Getting to open up a little toy alongside your tasty food is a very unique and exciting experience. Now, the power Pokémon will make it even better as brand new toys will be included in McDonald’s Happy Meals!

They are all legendaries as part of Pokémon Legends Year. Zekrom, Latios, Tornadus, Palkia and more can be yours. Some roll around on tiny wheels or flap their wings. You also receive a Pokémon TCG card included with every toy. These aren’t Legendary however but depict some popular Pokémon for your collection.

Starting November 12, you can find these at participating McDonald’s locations (or Hello Kitty toys). There are videos, images and activities for fans to check out on the website!