Origins Bundle Offers Up Huge Savings on Fanatical

Gamers who are into a wide array of games may want to pay attention to Fanatical’s new tiered Origins Bundle. For $1, you get Rebel Galaxy, GreyGoo, and Punch Club. This is a solid mix of sci-fi and comedy/adventure. Paying $5 gets you all of that alongside RIME, which is normally $30 and River City Ransom Underground – a $20 value on its own. On top of those, you get Remothered, Overfall, Comedy Night, Starwhal, Outpost Zero, Gloom, and Shuyan. Just Punch Club, RIME, and River City Ransom Underground are well-worth the cost of this bundle on their own. For brawler fans, just RCR is a must-buy at this price – and it includes online co-op too.