Screenshot Saturday Featuring Gato Roboto, Renaine, Many More

Welcome back to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we hunt for the best that the #screenshotsaturday tag has to offer each weekend. The end result is a showcase with various glimpses of smaller games still in development, all of which definitely appear to be worth checking out. Now, if you were annoyed that last week’s feature had way too many games with pixel art…well, then we apologize for this week’s feature, which may actually feature even more of them. What can we say, a ton of good retro games tend to pop up. To help make up for that slightly, though, we also have a lot more entries with content tying into the Halloween season, so let’s take a look already! On with the show!

Gato Roboto- Okay, so this game is technically using a different hashtag, if only because the pun could not be avoided.  But when you have the opportunity to feature a metroidvania game that’s all about a cat piloting a mech suit – or an armored submarine, in this case, blowing away enemies in a rather incredibly fun bit of action – the you take that opportunity. We’re pretty sure it’s a crime if you don’t take it, actually.

Renaine- Considering that this is a platformer revolving around a Phoenix Knight with the ability to be revived over and over again, it seems only appropriate that they have a weapon on hand that keeps coming back in order to potentially use over and over as well. As seen here, though, sometimes the dagger is the prescursor to a more stylish and impressive-looking attack that’s a bit more up close and personal.

Ode to a Moon- Colorfiction’s follow-up to this year’s 0N 0W sees us once again descending into a world of colorful surrealism. The only difference is that this time the altered landscapes are a result of altered sanity, as you investigate a harvest festival in a rural town that went horribly wrong. As in, cosmic horror/Lovecraft levels of things that have gone wrong. Your mind may not survive this one…

Eternum Ex- A classic arcade-styled action-platformer inspired by the likes of Ghouls ‘n Ghosts that proudly boasts a level of difficulty on par with its inspiration, if not higher. In addition, it’s not hard to notice the visual similarities between that of this boss battle and the one with Lucifer/Loki from the ’88 classic. Needless to say, our protagonist’s journey in search of eternal youth will not be an easy one.

Summer Catchers- When journeying on a road trip towards the South, it only makes sense that you take in the sights along the way. And in the case of this unique racing/adventure hybrid, that means having to first power up these sights as well. It may seem a bit odd to have them fully lit up during the day, but when things look this attractive, you can’t blame them.

The Guise- Not much is known about this title at this moment except for the fact that it bills itself as an atmospheric metroidvania game. But between the visual style of our four-legged hero and that of the otherworldly horror they face, there’s a lot to get attracted to based on this creepy shot alone.

Candies ‘n Curses- Well, it’s only appropriate that game like this being released around Halloween prominently features a witch in a boss battle. And one that evidently doubles as a necromancer, raising the dead in what appears to be a rather stylish fight. The giant skull rain is a bit of a new one, though.

UnderMine- Speaking of pixelated necromancers, this top-down roguelike game about miners in search of treasure is introducing their own necromancers as an enemy as well. And sure enough, this one also conjures up skeletons to give you a hard time. Throw in a solitary blinking eye, and you have a suitably creepy foe.

Kynseed- Now, we can’t confirm if this forest-dweller is a pixelated necromancer as well, thus allowing for a hat trick, but the use of skulls suggests that we should not rule it out as a possibility, at the very least. No matter what, though, at least provides another welcome addition to this RPG that’s a WIP.

Sole Light- A puzzler all about navigating your way to a lone bonfire in the middle of murky weather, all while the ground falls out beneath you. While the weather may not appear to be all that terrible at first, the gameplay appears to be quite fun, as evidenced by this quick puzzle here. A simple concept that definitely aims to keep you occupied for quite a while.

Star Chaser Story- Because you can always appreciate the humorous bugs that can pop up in the middle of development. Though something like this can possibly be written off with secret invisible platforms or a power-up that lets one hover. But regardless, every step here still seems to be leading up to a quality top-down action-RPG.

They Fear the Phantoms- Given that this enemy appears to have been the victim of a previous effect that left them frozen in place, one could argue that multiple slashes may be overkill. But when your combos look this slick, you really can’t blame our heroes in this heist-based action game for using them at every opportunity.

Oni Hunter- Given that this game was a secret project that was only recently announced, we don’t have too many details to work with at the moment. Although we can only assume that there will be oni featured in the game, and that players will be hunting them. It does also appear that things will certainly be nice and vivid, though, so we can’t wait to see more of this.

Bendy and the Ink Machine- And given that this is the Halloween season, we may as well end with one of the most popular indie horror games at the moment, and a peek into its final chapter that arrives next week. A peek that features…well, whatever pants-soiling horror this is. And it’s just casually sitting there…waiting for you…good luck facing it in a few days, folks!