Gear. Club Unlimited 2’s Performance Shops Shown Off in New Trailer

We loved our time with the first Gear.Club Unlimited on the Switch. It took what was a mobile game and turned it into a more fully fleshed-out console experience. Today, the team at Microids revealed new information and a trailer focusing on the game’s performance shop. While the first game allowed you to customize your garage to a certain degree, that has been expanded now and you will be able to fully personalize your workshops. As before, you can adjust cosmetic and performance in your garages, and even modify vehicles to work in rally-level events.

The sequel revamps the system by expanding how much visual customization you can do to your cars – offering up a wide variety of paintjobs and designs. Stickers can be added with a Forza-like layering system – and this is something that very few games have really done over the years. This kind of customization allows you to craft a car to your personality or even hobbies and makes the game truly feel like it’s yours to enjoy fully. Gear.Club Unlimited 2 will be released on December 4 in both digital and physical forms – with the latter allowing the game to reach an entirely new audience as not everyone has fully-embraced or is even aware of the digital marketplaces for gaming.