Deemo Gets a Physical Switch Edition and Labo Support On January 29

Originally released in 2013 for mobile devices, the fantasy rhythm game Deemo became an even bigger hit when ported to the Vita and Switch last year thanks to its mesmerizing story and music, among other things. But while the Vita edition was lucky enough to receive a physical edition from Limited Run, the Switch was not as lucky. Until now, though. PM Studios and acttil have now revealed that a physical edition of Deemo will come to the Switch in January. Said news comes alongside the trailer below, which acts as a refresher for the game.

In addition to the physical edition, Deemo will now be receiving Labo support as well. Specifically, players can use the Nintendo Labo Piano to play each song in a more appropriate and immersive fashion. So for Labo owners, newcomers, or any fans in general, it seems like a terrific way to experience the game. The physical Switch edition of Deemo comes out on January 29, so don’t miss out on it.