Hitman 2 Brings Back The Briefcase in New Trailer

In the latest installment of the “How to Hitman” trailers leading up to the release of Hitman 2, the developers get straight to the point. Players have missed Agent 47’s iconic briefcase, and now it’s back. But as seen in the clip below, now it does more than conceal a sniper rifle. Need to silence an enemy? Use it for a blunt sneak attack. Need to sneak by? Toss it to create a distraction. Need to sneak the rifle into a secure area? Give it to someone in order to smuggle it in.

Oh, and you can also use the briefcase to store lots of objects was well. You know, if you want to do things the “normal” way. Hitman 2 comes out for PC, XB1, and PS4 on November 13, when players will be able to get as creative with the briefcase as much as they possibly can.