Humble Software RPG Maker Bundle by Degica Games Now Available

An all-new Humble Software Bundle is available focusing on the RPG Maker creation suite and many of the games crafted with it. For $1 or more, you can get RPG Maker XP, Last Word, and three sets of character generation parts. For $8 or more, you get RPG Maker VX, Skyborn, and Always Sometimes Monsters. Those who pay $15 or more get you a slew of games, including RPG Maker XV Ace, Echoes of Aetheria, Pale Echoes, and a wide variety of monster packs and themes – including horror and fantasy heroes. Finally, paying $50 or more gets you RPG Maker MV, Visual Novel Maker, and a ton of content packs for RPG Maker MV alongside $2 in Humble Wallet credit for Monthly subscribers.