Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Shambles onto PC Today

Life sure is difficult for the average fictional Japanese student. In addition to the normal academic and social pressures that accompany one’s teenage years, they also have to contend with all manner of supernatural goings-on. Some have it worse than other though, and the protagonists of  Corpse Party: Book of Shadows could very well take home the medal for “worst high school experience.”

The original Corpse Party chronicled the experiences of several high school students who find themselves trapped in a haunted school filled with evil spirits. It’s gained a bit of infamy over the years due to the gruesome ends most of its characters meet and the many questions left unanswered. So, of course it was going to be revisited at some point.

Originally released for the PSP, Corpse Parry: Book of Shadows is a collection of stories that take place before during and after the original game. It doesn’t necessarily tie-up any of the loose threads, but it is supposed give fans a bit more insight into their favorite characters. Additionally, Corpse Parry: Book of Shadows features a new “Darkening System,” which distorts the world in relation to the amount of fear a character is feeling.

This PC version features full 1080p HD resolution, as well as mouse/keyboard and controller support. Fans interested in picking it up can do so for PC on Steam, GoG or Humble Store. Those who’d like an idea of what the game is really like, check out our review of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows on PSP.