See How Twin Mirror Functions in New Gameplay Trailer

Having learned a little more of the in-game setting of Basswood and how main protagonist Sam (Samuel) Higgs fits into proceedings, Bandai Namco have today released a small piece of gameplay straight from out of Paris Games Week to Dontnod’s upcoming Twin Mirror. The brief four minute footage — taking place at the start of the game — gives us a little more insight into the game’s core mechanics, including Sam’s alter-ego, The Double — whom pops up on occasion and isn’t shy of dishing out a bit of unwanted advice now and again during conversation — as well the game’s major investigative mechanics.

In order to unravel the mystery of both Basswood and Sam’s predicament, players will also find themselves entering what’s referred to as the Mind Palace, which acts a representation of Sam’s memory-visualisation and reasoning whereby previous scenes and locales are reconstructed and must be analysed further in order to solve puzzles throughout the game.

There’s still no specific date though as to when the game’s first episode will be available other than a vague 2019 release for PS4, Xbox One & PC. Check out the latest gameplay trailer below.