Splatoon 2 Details New Special, Update Coming Next Week

Splatoon 2 is chock full of surprises and weapons. Today, more details emerged about a new Special that was teased not too long ago. It is called the Ultra Stamp and looks to leave a messy mark on the battlefield.

This massive weapon is made to look like a gigantic rubber stamp the is wielded like a hammer. The image of a squid can be pressed onto surfaces for a cool design. It has plenty of attack uses though. Holding the ZR trigger button allows you to walk around while swinging at a pretty good speed. Using it while jumping will swing it right into opponents who are in mid-air. You can even throw it as a ranged attack but that will end the Special.

Version 4.2.0 of the game will take place November 7 and the new Special comes with that! Check out images and video of the Ultra Stamp below.