Sony Interactive Entertainment Drops First MediEvil Remake Trailer

Sony Interactive Entertainment today released the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming MediEvil remake.

It’s Halloween, which means it’s the perfect time for ghouls, spirits, and skeletons. Announced last year at PSX, fans have patiently waited for their first look at the MediEvil remake. Today, they patience pays off.

A remake of the original game that preserves the classic feel, MediEvil follows the story of Sir Daniel Fortesque. Following his untimely death on the battlefield, Sir Dan gets a shot of redemption when his nemesis, Lord Zaroc, resurrects him. Zarok seeks to conquer the Kingdom of Gallowmere, and only Sir Dan can stop him.

While the game’s levels and gameplay have been preserved, the visuals have been remade from the ‘grave’ up. PlayStation has teamed up with Other Ocean Interactive to bring the game to life. According to the trailer, PS4 Pro owners will be able to play the game in ‘eye-popping’ 4K.

MediEvil is out sometime in 2019 for PS4.