Battlefield V Launch Maps Revealed

EA and DICE today revealed the eight maps Battlefield V launches with this month.

When Battlefield V launches on November 20, players can battle it out on eight multiplayer maps. These maps cover a wide range of biomes, including open fields, cities, swamps, and far-reaching deserts. A ninth multiplayer map launches sometime after launch. Here’s all the maps:

  • Narvik
  • Rotterdam
  • Devastation
  • Fjell 652
  • Twisted Steel
  • Arras
  • Hamada
  • Aerodrome
  • Panzerstorm (Coming after launch)

Despite a slick presentation, Battlefield V is set to launch with less content than previous entries in the franchise. Battlefield 3, Hardline, and 1 all launched with nine multiplayer maps. Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 4, meanwhile, each launched with ten maps. With only thirty primary weapons, Battlefield V arrives with fewer launch weapons than 3, Hardline, and 4. On top of this, both the co-op Combined Arms mode and battle royale Firestorm mode won’t arrive until months after launch. Hopefully, Battlefield V’s quality will make up for its lack in quantity.

Battlefield V is out November 20 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.