Screenshot Saturday Featuring Gravastar, Omno, Re-Legion, Many More

Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Where we comb over all of the titles using the #screenshotsaturday hashtag and select the best ones to feature, the ones that show some terrific WIPs of notable games in development. The offerings did seem to be a bit low this weekend – despite having an extra hour to work with – but what we wound up with was no less stunning. So without further ado, on with the show!

Gravastar- This Seattle-based developer’s JRPG was already looking incredibly impressive as is, thanks to its hand-drawn artwork and unique implementation of arcade-style fighting in its combat mechanics. But just to juice things up a bit, they’ve also spent the past week improving the effects for the game’s Chroma spells. And as seen here, they look quite astounding, and only get us more excited for the game as things develop.

Omno- Currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, this 3D puzzle platformer looks like an absolute stunner so far, especially for a game coming from a solo developer. And its always a treat to see how much hard work a developer puts into the simplest things, like basic movement. It does indeed contribute to the personality, and is a good vote of confidence for the game as a whole. And already having passed seventy percent of its funding goal (as of the time of writing), things are looking even better as days go by.

Jenny LeClue- Notably, Encyclopedia Brown immediately sprang to mind when looking at this opening narration, as every collection of those stories opened in a similar manner. Considering that this is a rather inriguing graphic adventure game about another child detective with their own series of mystery novels as a framing device, odds are this is no coincidence. And it definitely suggests that this particular mystery is definitely setting up some clever homages.

Re-Legion- Now set for a Q1 2019 release with a snazzy new trailer, this RTS title from developers Ice Code Games about leading your own cult in a cyberpunk dystopia certainly looks quite promising so far. And as mentioned here, at the very least, its futuristic world certainly makes for an attractive Screenshot Saturday sampler. And this isn’t even getting to the massive amounts of neon that appear during combat…

Upside Drown- No fantasy adventure is complete without a few unique creatures, and Taju here hits the right spot in terms of design, balancing out creepy, mysterious, colorful, tragic, and more, even with just one stylistic picture. It definitely helps breathe life and creativity into the world linked to our female protagonist, and we still can’t wait to explore even more of it.

HALT- Well, they sort of got straight to the point with this one. Of course, when dealing with a fast-paced run-and-gun action game about a privately-owned police for in a sci-fi setting, sometimes four words and a clip from a boss battle are all you need to convince players that they’re in for a ton of fine action.

Treachery in Beatdown City- This long-awaited blend of beat-’em-ups and RPG combat (in a bit of an inverse of Gravastar’s RPG with fighter-based combat, which were both coincidentally featured this week) is still on the road to its eventual release, making time to add flourishes such as dramatic camera shots such as this. After all, you really want to sell the impact that your character’s suplex makes.

Relic Hunters Legend- When crafting an online top-down shooter – or any online game with a focus on characters, really – it’s important to give players several different and unique customization options. Though the option to give your character acne is new one, admittedly. But then again, an art style this colorful and cartoonish can definitely pull it off, so who knows? Maybe a ton of players may pick it after all.

Calorie Defenders- Well, we certainly have seen a lot of tower defense games before, including others that have been mixed in with 2D platformers as well. But we can’t claim to have seen one that takes place inside a human body, defending it from bad nutrition. It certainly looks quite unique and fun, and puts all of those lesser edutainment titles from the 16-bit era to shame. Looking at you, Captain Novolin…

Gigabuster- Well, we knew from an earlier edition of Screenshot Saturday that this ode to the likes of action platformers such as the Mega Man series would have a stage that takes place at an oddly colorful stock exchange. We did not expect actual monstrous investors as the enemies, though, but damned the art style and gameplay don’t make it work.

Bullet Ville- Once again, this upcoming hero shooter takes us on a quick trip through one of its colorful locales, this time showing off a quick bazaar section. The ramshackle construction is definitely a nice touch, as well as the port-a-potties, which should hopefully serve as props for some rather amusing kills.

Ridiculous Rugby- Games relying on ragdoll physics can always be a bit hit-or-miss, but arcade-style sports games? You can never have enough of those. And we don’t have many notable rugby games over here in general, so that’s two birds with one stone. Throw in an attractive sizzle reel like this, and we could be down for some ragdoll sports.

Outsider- This adventure game about an abandoned android named HUD-ini where every puzzle is apparently different appears to be quite intriguing so far. And like a lot of featured games this week, it’s the little touches like these cinematic details that definitely suggests the developers are working as hard as they can on the game. Again, always appreciated.

3 Minutes to Midnight- A point-and-click comedy adventure game about an amnesiac girl in what appears to be 1950s sci-fi setting where all sorts of strange shenanigans are happening in New Mexico, the developers have evidently decided to show such shenanigans like this lake monster out of context…and I approve! After all, sometimes it just works better that way, especially for a comedy.