Path of Exile Arrives on PlayStation 4 this December

Grinding Gear Games are bringing their free-to-play action RPG to PS4.

Path of Exile finally makes its way to Sony’s console after launching on Xbox One last year. The game pulls heavily from the Diablo franchise with it’s randomly-generated levels, loot, and gameplay.

The game takes place in a dark fantasy world where the player find themselves on the shores of Wraeclast. A cursed land, the player must brave the wilderness, uncover the secrets of the fallen empire, and work with other exiles to survive. The PS4 version comes with all previous updates and additions. You’ll be able to choose from seven character classes, each with three sub-classes. Party up with up to five friends to take on Path of Exile’s meaty endgame content.

Path of Exile launches this December on PS4. It’ll be free-to-play like the Xbox One and PC versions.