Prepare for Bad Dream: Fever With Steam Release Date Confirmed

The horror adventure title Bad Dream: Fever will be coming to macOS and PC this month, publishers PlayWay and Ultimate Games today announced.

Desert Fox’s latest title is slated to launch on Steam on November 15. A follow-up installment to Bad Dream: Coma, the latest entry in the point-and-click series has players enter a world that has been overrun by an ink plaque that has wiped out almost all of its inhabitants.

Players are in control of the character Ella, who must avoid becoming the latest victim of the ink plaque and try to rescue at least one person in the world.

According to the Polish developer, the title has a “unique, feverish climate puzzles requiring creativity, as well as an unpredictable and honest history.”

Bad Dream: Fever’s average playthrough is about four hours long, while the developer has confirmed that newcomers don’t need any knowledge on previous installments in the series.

“Fever retains the key features of previous Bad Dream games,” says Desert Fox designer Robert Gąsiorowski. “It is distinguished by a large dose of abstraction, a unique graphic[al] setting and a focus on creativity and unconventionality.

“At the same time, the game will be a big surprise — both in terms of the story and the construction of puzzles. There will also be very diverse and often opposing emotions.

“We are convinced that our new production will strongly surprise even the biggest fans of the series. In Bad Dream: Fever, we depart from the typical genre schemes.

“Ella, the only character appearing in the game, will be unconventional. She is far from the standard heroes of adventure games. Her reactions and personality will surely be remembered.

“Practically, at every step, we focused on unpredictability and an abstract convention. Finally, we created something totally new, something which brings a breath of fresh air.”