The Lord of the Rings Online Launches Legendary Server Anor

The Lord of the Rings Online have launched their new legendary server known as Anor, allowing players to relive this iconic MMO from the beginning. Anor sets all players on even footing to allow players to adventure with new and old friends alike on the path of Frodo, Gandalf and the Fellowship of the Ring. Anor starts out with only the initial level 50 and lower content with a heavy emphasis on the Shadows of Angmar storyline, with new content rolling out approximately every four months. To contrast the content initially being limited to the original game, races and classes that were introduced in later updates will be available, such as High-elf, Rune-keeper, Warden will be available in Anor along with all bug fixes, gameplay and UX/UI improvements. Anor will be available only to VIP and Lifetime VIP Subscribers.