Ion Lands Announces Cloudpunk, a Voxel Cyberpunk Adventure

As we have a ton of cyberpunk games already out and on the way, it does take something special for another entry to get noticed. Thankfully for developers Ion Lands, they appear to have that something special with their latest game, Cloudpunk. Don’t let the “punk” suffix fool you, though, this is still very much a cyberpunk game. Cloudpunk simply refers to the “semi-legal” delivery company that main character Rania works for. That and the fact that the city of Nivalis has skyscrapers that practically pierce the troposphere.

You can check out the announcement trailer below, which shows off the use of voxel art that creates a unique style. No mention of anything specific concerning the game’s plot yet, just that it involves solving various mysteries and conspiracies. Well, it also all takes place over the course of one night. And with a deep amount of characters and stories to interact with, it should be one busy night. Cloudpunk is due out in 2019 for PC, and should hopefully wind up as a particularly noticeable piece of cyberpunk.