Possible Physical Edition and Season Pass Appears For Travis Strikes Again

Travis Strikes Again, the much-anticipated latest installment in Suda 51’s No More Heroes series, is due in January 2019. So with the end of the year approaching, certain storefronts are now gearing up for its release. And notably, this includes Amazon and GameStop, whose pre-order pages are now open, and seem to suggest physical editions to pick up. Even more surprising, the descriptions mention that these editions will automatically include a Season Pass for the game’s DLC.

Grasshopper has not yet made an official announcement concerning this, though, so we’ll see if anything develops soon. The developers did make one definitive announcement recently, though. In addition to the in-game t-shirts a part of a collaboration with Devolver Digital, revealed alongside the release date, another nineteen shirts representing other indie game will be there as well (at least nineteen shown here, anyway). As seen in the official tweet below, this includes nods to Golf Story, Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, and many more. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is due on January 18, and should hopefully please long-time fans.