Sandbox RPG Kynseed Now Available in Early Access

It’s been about a year and a half since PixelCount Studios’ successful Kickstarter campaign for their sandbox RPG Kynseed, and now it’s time for the next major step in the game’s development. As of November 8, Kynseed is now available in Early Access, allowing all players to check it out as it progresses. Considering the game’s lofty ambitions (especially coming from veterans of the Fable games), it should definitely be interesting to see where this goes.

Set in the land of Quill, Kynseed is a life sim RPG where your character possesses the titular mystical seed, passing their skills down to each new generation. Everything around you ages and dies as you run a business, go adventuring, uncover secrets, buy strange artifacts from one mysterious Mr. Fairweather, and much more. It certainly all looks and sounds impressive, to say the least, especial with its hi-bit visuals. While no new trailer accompanies this initial release, you can check out one of the earlier teasers below. And make sure to check out its Steam page for more info, maybe picking Kynseed up if interested.