Desert Child Goes Gold, Announces Release Date

Developer Oscar Brittain’s upcoming hoverbike racer Desert Child has been drawing a ton of positive attention over time, including praise from ourselves. The mix of challenging, high-octane races, RPG elements, and a unique post-apocalyptic world certainly seems to be ready for success. More ready than ever, in fact. Brittain and publishers Akupara Games have now revealed that Desert Child has gone gold, setting a December release date.

The announcement came in the form of the video below, which…well, remember when in our second preview, we said that the game is “meant to be enjoyed with a self-satisfied smirk and a bottle of ironically bad wine” as part of a joke? Well, it would appear Brittain agrees with that statement. After that bit of old-school VHS footage announcing things, it shows off more of the game proper. It’s a rapid-fire showcase of the game’s varied elements, one that leaves you hungry for more. Desert Child hits PC, Switch, and PS4 on December 11, with the XB1 version coming on December 12. Needless to say, we can’t wait for it.