Kingdom: Two Crowns Teases Shogun Campaign, Announces Release Date

Raw Fury and developers Noio have struck gold over the past few years with their Kingdom games. These unique side-scrolling simulation titles have been a treat, and the latest entry, Kingdom: Two Crowns looks to potentially be their best one yet, as we’ve discussed before. And now not only do we a release date for the new installment, but an intriguing new addition for it as well. As seen in the trailer below, the series is heading to Japan now in some new content.

Titled Kingdom Two Crowns: Shogun, the bonus add-on will offer new characters, settings, and strategies, not being a simple reskin. And several more similar expansions are set to be post-launch content for the game, adding even more settings. Shogun, however, will be available with the game beginning at launch. Kingdom: Two Crowns arrives on December 11 for all major platforms, and should add fun co-op twists for the series.