ABZU Coming to the Switch Later This Month

ABZU has been out for a couple of years now on the PC and PS4 before later being released on the Xbox One. Now, the game is set for a release on the Switch – offering up the first fully-portable version of the game ever. The game was crafted by Matt Nava, one of the folks behind Journey and Flower, and Austin Wintory – Journey’s composer. With thatgamecompany alumni at the helm, ABZU has been heralded as one of the best underwater games ever and creates an experience very much like Journey.

You aren’t given much of a narrative as exposition, but have things explained in bits and pieces – forcing you to pay attention to what’s happening at all times. It’s an exciting and relaxing game, and something that should excel on the Switch. Being able to play this whenever you want and wherever you are is perfect for a game like this, where you can easily lose yourself for hours if you want – or just play it for a half hour if you don’t have much time to spare. ABZU will be released on the Switch on November 29 for $19.99.