Runner3 Gets Forgiving For Its PS4 Release

It’s never easy to find the proper balance between a good challenge and unwelcome masochism.  The Bit.Trip Runner games have never been easy but the first two were straightforward enough that a little memorization could get you through the worst they could throw your way.  While Runner3 didn’t quite hit that same sweet spot due to being a bit too unforgiving, Choice Provisions still had work to do for a PS4 release and used that time to take fan feedback into account.  Not only has the game released today brand-new on the PS4 but the existing Switch and PC versions have received an update so all versions get the same features.

The new features are built around playability, making the game inviting to as many people as possible.  Find the gold bars distracting?  Remove them.  Enemy count is all wrong?  Thin the herd, eliminate them entirely, or put even more in the way.  Hate jumping up stairs?  Add a flipper to help Commander Video get past the tougher sequences.  There’s even a self-bonking function for when you want to restart a non-perfect run without the hassle of finding an enemy to help you commit suicide.  Higher difficulty settings get better point rewards, so chasing the best leaderboard position is still a major challenge, but Runner3’s new settings mean you can work your way up the ladder at your own pace without getting smacked down so completely.

In addition to the updates and PS4 release, and in celebration of Choice Provisions’ 10th birthday (Happy birthday Choice Provisions!), Runner 3 on sale for $9.99 digitally across all platforms for the next two weeks.  If you’ve been on the fence or put off by the game’s unforgiving nature there’s no better time to give it a second look.  Plus if everyone runs out and buys it maybe Choice Provisions can look into that dream-project Moon Patrol revival they’d be so perfect for.