Star Trek Online Enters the Age of Discovery

Star Trek Online is still boldly going to new parts of the Star Trek mythos. With this latest update, players can create their own Discovery-era captain and do their part to defend the Federation from those that would see it destroyed before it ever had the chance to flourish.

In the Age of Discovery, players can recruit cadet Sylvia Tilly, take on random Task Force Operations, engage in a special operation called “The Defense of Star Base One” and increase their reputations to the newly implemented Tier 6. Task Force Operations are themselves a somewhat new addition to the game. Players engaging in these will be tasked with any of a variety of game types, including:

  • PvP Matches
  • Shuttle Matches
  • 10+ Player Matches
  • Gamma Battlezone Matches
  • Limited Time Event Matches
  • Competitive PvEvP Matches

None these are likely to do anything to bring those who aren’t already interested in the game, but there should be plenty here for current players to enjoy.

Star Trek Online – Age of Discovery is currently available to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out our review of the console version to see it’s worth exploring.