Astroneer Venturing From Early Access with Release Date Trailer

There are more mysteries in the universe than any single game can ever hope to grapple with and one of the greatest is how on earth time passes so quickly.  Somehow it’s been almost two years since Astroneer first launched into Early Access, and well over three since its Twitter account began showing lovely shots of terrain deformation on a low-poly landscape.  Now the game is finally approaching the finish line, and while the original plan was to release on the two-year Early Access anniversary on December 16 that didn’t turn out to be practical.  Getting something right and releasing to a set schedule are rarely compatible goals, so Astroneer is getting its 1.0 update on February 6.

Astroneer is a game of planetary survival where an astronaut in a classic bubble-headed spacesuit explores low-poly worlds, reshaping them as necessary (or just for the fun of it) while creating a home base from all the resources an untouched planet can provide.  You can find a huge amount of elements and refine them into resources used to create the machinery necessary for survival and expansion, but the purpose of the gameplay loop is to provide the motivation to get out and explore the endless gorgeous, colorful little planets created by the terrain generator.  It’s a pretty universe out there and surviving to see it all isn’t easy.

With the 1.0 launch now within sight it’s also time for a reconsideration of the price, and the Early Access discount is just about over.  Astroneer is on sale at 20% off this week for $15.99, ending November 19, at which point the standard pricing of $29.99 will kick in.  To sweeten the temptation to those who are still on the fence, all Early Access players right up to the game’s launch get an exclusive retro-style spacesuit with flared shoulder pads and exposed tubing, of the kind that would make a 1950s adventurer swoon from style-shock.  It’s also worth noting that 1.0 isn’t the end, and per the road map there’s still plenty of content on the way afterwards.  There’s a big universe out there and it’s only going to keep expanding over time.