Bandai Namco Announces ‘Tales Of’ Broadcast Coming in December

Fans of the ongoing Tales series seem to be getting some news coming next month, but what it’s about no one knows quite yet. Bandai Namco of Japan announced that the series would be getting a broadcast on December 8 and feature a handful of voice actors from the series. The official title for the stream is “Tales Room 2018” and have said they will reveal information for certain works in development. Two most likely subjects to come up are the Tales of Vesperia port and the various Tales mobile titles. The stream is planned to run for two hours starting at 8PM JST which is 3AM PST or 6AM EST on December 8 as well.

Those interested should keep a close eye out for when Bandai Namco posts the stream and be sure to check back for all the information that comes from it.