‘Dark Comedy’ Game Invisible Fist Storms to Capitalist Markets Next Year

Failcore has announced its debut title, Invisible Fist, along with confirming a February 2019 release window.

The ‘dark comedy’ card title has players take control of three characters: Jeff, who is a self-made technological multibillionaire; Rena, who is a middle-class student saddled with debts; and Dian Hua, who is a factory worker.

The trio must fight back against the Invisible Fist, but players need to keep an eye out on the impact that it can have on a character’s mental health and relationships.

While players make their way through the title, they will also have to deal with a “sarcastic TV-personality [who] comments on your every move.”

The Polish studio says that the title incorporates a “pinch of RPG,” which combines with the card element in the gameplay. Players have three different types of cards — work, relax and sleep — each of which has its own ability.

Firstly, relax cards bring down a character’s stress, though it will cost players money to use one. Secondly, work cards allow players to attack the Invisible Fist, but it will raise a character’s stress. Lastly, sleep cards do exactly what most people would expect: help players to regenerate a character’s HP.

Invisible Fist will be released on Steam for PC and macOS.

“We have the highest inequality in the century and it’s only getting worse,” says Jan Cieslar, the founder of Failcore.

“The team behind the game experienced both the lows and the heights of late capitalism.

“Some of us were homeless. Some worked in corporations. And our investor is a self-made multi-millionaire. For us, inequality is both fascinating and terrifying.”