Here’s the First Trailer for Short Movie Based on Orwellian-Inspired Beholder

Kinodom has dropped the first official trailer for the up-and-coming short movie based on Alawar’s Beholder.

The trailer, which is under a minute long and can be viewed below, captures the Orwellian-themed atmosphere of developer Warm Lamp Games’ title.

The movie will be produced and directed by Nikita Ordynskiy and Liliya Tkach, who previously worked on the film adaptation of Lucas Pope’s critically acclaimed Papers, Please.

Beholder is slated to launch in the second half of December on Steam. According to the Russian-based film production, an official release date will be announced towards the end of November.

Beholder was released in 2016 for PC, macOS, Linux and Android and iOS devices.

Players follow the story of Carl, who is a landlord working for the totalitarian state and must spy on his tenants to see if they pose a threat to the current regime.

A sequel, Beholder 2, is in development and will launch next month on Steam.

“We are preserving the approach that we have developed while working on the Papers, Please adaptation: we try to vividly depict the original game and avoid adding any imagined details,” says Ordynskiy, founder of Kinodom.

“That’s why we’ve decided to go with a black-and-white reproduction, drop the dialogues and stick to a silent movie.

“We believe that this approach will help us convey the grim atmosphere of the game best.”

For more on Ordynskiy and Tkach’s work, check out the Papers, Please film in its complete entirety below.