Ray Bibbia Reborn as The Textorcist for Bullet Hell Typing

A true typing master can kick out words under any level of pressure.  Fingers fly to keys without conscious thought interfering with the process, but even so there’s limits on tolerable distractions.  A noisy co-worker the next cubicle over is one thing, but bullet-spewing demons are something else entirely.  As private exorcist Ray Bibbia it’s your job to repel the satanic horde trying to take possession of the mortals of this realm, and success only requires two things- typing out the words of the exorcism and dodging intense bullet patterns.  It would probably be easier if these weren’t two mutually incompatible objectives, but a professional never complains.  Every aspect of the adventure is controlled by typing, up to and including something as simple as opening a door or even starting the game. Two-fisted touch-typist Ray Bibbia will need to kick out the latin phrases at speed while finding a safe space amidst the chaos, beating down demons with the holy power of flawless keyboard skills.

The Textorcist originally started life as a game called Ray Bibbia, which got a perfectly understandable name change along the way, although personally I’d have preferred Mavis Beacon Teaches Demonology.  You can still play the original demo from 2017 as a free download from itch.io, but in the last year and a half it seems fairly likely the game has come a long way.  Seeing as Ray is typing on a Holyvetti (typewriter puns!) it seems like a good bet the skewed sense of humor has survived intact.