Blazing Chrome Showcases Explosive Environments in Latest Trailer

The Arcade Crew and developers JoyMasher still manage to impress us with Blazing Chrome, their ode to Contra-style run-and-gun games. Aside from just looking like a blast when it comes to fun, old-school action, it also looks quite gorgeous as well. A lot of hard work has clearly been put into replicating an authentic 16-bit style and feel, and it definitely shows in the latest trailer for the game. Seen below, the focus this time is on the game’s environments, showcasing a variety of them in action.

The fight to save Earth from a rogue AI takes our heroes across a variety of lands and gameplay sections. Of course, players will have their hands full blasting away at things, but there’s still a lot to check out between the gunfire. Be it hoverbiking across snowy tundra, dueling in deserts, or firing from a chopper, there’s a lot of various excitement. And in a nod to the glory of Contra III, we even get a peek at some Mode 7-isnpired segments! Plus, with this new trailer, we also learn that Blazing Chrome is now gunning for an Early 2019 release. The game is set to hit Switch, PC, and PS4 then, so keep an eye out for Blazing Chrome next year.