Final Fantasy XIV Third Expansion, Titled Shadowbringers, Hits Summer 2019

During the annual Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in New Vegas, their keynote opened up with a teaser trailer for their next big expansion pack (5.0) titled Shadowbringers.

You will be facing off against the Garlean Empire with the union of the six nations and finally learn more about the Ascians. Most importantly though, Square Enix is touting that the Warrior of Light will need to become the Warrior of Darkness to overcome these daunting tasks.

Here are some of the new features and announcements that you can expect from 5.0:

  • Multiple New Jobs
    • Gunblade heavily hinted in the trailer
  • Level Increase from 70 to 80
  • Battle System Maintenance (reorganizing roles)
    • TP/MP will be combined into a single resource
  • Areas
    • The Rak’ Tika Greatwood
    • Amh Araeng
  • Beast Tribes
    • The Nu Mou
  • Primals
  • Dungeons (aiming for 9)
  • High-End Raid Series
  • Alliance Raids
  • End-Game Content for Disciples of the Land and Hand
    • Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard (rebuild with crafters and gatherers)
    • User controlled farms
  • Housing in Ishgard
  • New Gear and Recipes
  • NPC Battle-Assist “Trust” System
    • Can bring NPCs to clear Shadowbringer dungeons
  • New Game+
    • Replay old missions (Main or side quests) at your current level
  • World Visit System (Cross World Access)
    • Visit worlds in your same data center
    • You can play quests in these visiting worlds
    • Coming out before 5.0
  • New Playable Race (will “probably” be the last)
    • Hinted as a bunny race
  • New North American and European Data Centers and World Regrouping

A nice little surprise is that a new job, Blue Mage, will be made available with patch 4.5, unrelated to Shadowbringers. It will be classified as a”Limited Job” that won’t be connected to any class and you’ll learn monster actions. It’s available in the duty “Masked Carnival” and the level will be capped at 50.

Its current scheduled release date is early summer 2019, so if it’s anything like the past two expansions, it’ll be out sometime in June after E3. They will unfortunately be ending support of 32-Bit Windows when it launches.