TellTale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season Isn’t Dead After All

TellTale may be gone, but The Walking Dead: The Final Season lives on. In an announcement on their website, Skybound Entertainment stated that they’ve assumed control of the project and have even brought in many of the developers who were working on it before the whole TellTale debacle went down. Episodes three and four still don’t have release dates yet, but Skybound has made sure to note that work on them has finally resumed and they are coming.

Skybound Entertainment also addressed the fact that fans will unfortunately have some difficulty purchasing prior entries in the series for the next few days. This is directly due to the transition of the project from TellTale’s control over to Skybound, and the developer/publisher has made it clear that the games will become available again soon.  While having to spend more time waiting is always frustrating, at least fans will  get the conclusion they’ve hoped for instead of being left wondering what happened to Clementine and the others.