Sabotage Studio’s The Messenger Gets New Game Plus Mode

The Messenger, Sabotage Studio’s fantastic platforming debut which released this August, has landed itself a new update which is available right now. The developers, on top of ironing out a few small issues here and there, have implemented their own New Game Plus mode which allows players to start a new story/campaign but with all items acquired from the previous playthrough. As a result, however, the damage output from enemies increases as does their HP, bosses included.

In order to access New Game Plus, players must have a 100% progression save file stored. What’s more, with every subsequent playthrough using the same save file in New Game Plus, the damage output/health increase for enemies and bosses, will continue to stack up. Alongside this, The Messenger will also integrate controller remapping should you wish to alter the game’s controls to your own liking, as well as a Jukebox mode which, as its name suggests, allows players to listen back to the game’s wonderful soundtrack to their heart’s content. But to top it all off though, Sabotage appear to be teasing something else as well for a future reveal at some point next month, December 8 to be precise. A physical release perhaps? The Messenger is currently available on both Switch and PC.