Race the Sun, Butcher, Cosmic Star Heroine from LRG Black Friday

There’s one day for shopping that has a reputation somewhat out of proportion to every other day of the year and that’s Black Friday.  Sure, as anyone who’s ever worked retail can attest, the day after Christmas is actually busier, but Black Friday gets all the press.  Limited Run Games is joining the annual festivities with a series of surprises throughout the day in the form of flash sales of older releases, but the main focus is on the three new games coming out.  The easiest one to get will be Cosmic Star Heroine on Switch, thanks to the open pre-order meaning it’s up for grabs for two full weeks, but the other two are only available in tiny amounts.  Butcher is what you’d get if Doom was a side-view platform/shooter made of metal, blood and explosions, available on PS4 with only 2,000 units.

The final game is Race the Sun, an endless flyer where you’re skimming the surface of a planet at top speed in a solar-powered plane as the sun slowly dips towards the horizon, and fully VR-compatible on PS4.  The Vita version clocks in at 2,300 units while PS4 is 2,000.  It’s worth noting that none of the games this week has a deluxe edition, which is a shame because a papercraft origami Race the Sun diorama could have been neat.  It’s probably for the best not to overcomplicate things, though, because how much of a shopping madhouse does one day need to be?