Strange Brigade Receives Two New Modes This Monday

Rebellion’s pulp co-op shooter Strange Brigade has suffered from a few issues, as we can attest to, but it still has its charm. And a good chunk of gamers in general seem to really enjoy it as well. So it should make them happy that on November 26, the game will be receiving two new additional modes. Photo Mode and Extreme Mode will be part of a free update, which should give the fans even more to check out.

Like others of its kind, Photo Mode will allow players to pause the action and take shots of what’s going on, choosing from several different filters and frames such as noir, comic books, postcards, movie posters, and more. Extreme Mode, meanwhile, is a new level of difficulty that makes enemies hit harder and become more durable. All of this goes alongside two new Score Attack levels and a Horde map. And even that serves as the appetizer for the third part of the “Thrice Damned” campaign, coming the day after. This next expansion features new hero Anjali Khan, adding to the playable character roster. Strange Brigade receives its new modes on October 26, with the new campaign add-on and hero hitting November 27, ensuring that the game still has a steady supply of fun content.