Toki’s Switch-Exclusive Remake Gets a Launch Trailer

Originally released in 1989 (and hitting American shore in 1990), the action-platformer Toki may not be one of the biggest names in arcade games, but it has still been a fun romp. And now developers Microids are finally giving it a full remake, with a physical edition to boot. The tale of a jungle warrior turned chimp who has to rescue his girlfriend now receives a redesigned update with all-new, hand-drawn artwork. Naturally, this comeback receives a fresh launch trailer, which you can check out below.

The physical edition features a plethora of extras, including a comic, stickers, prints, and a craftable miniature arcade cabinet. The clip also shows off a lot of the classic gameplay, and the sense of humor Toki has. Sadly, it seems the physical edition is limited to the UK only, where it arrives on November 27. For everyone else, Toki hits the eShop as a Switch exclusive later on December 4. Needless to say, fans of the original may want to take a peek at it.