Rebellion Investing $100 Million into Film, TV Production

UK developer and publisher Rebellion have acquired a $100 million/22,000 square feet facility which the company intends to convert into a film studio close to its Oxford-based headquarters. It’s the second film studio owned by the company and more importantly, it will be used to aid in the production of both a Rogue Trooper movie adaptation as well as a brand new TV series based on the Judge Dredd property, named Mega-City One. Rebellion have mentioned their interest to adapt Judge Dredd into a video game, but it looks like the original comic series will be making its way to TV before that, as a sci-fi drama. Rebellion had previously set up Rebellion Productions last year as a subsidiary and avenue for the company to expand into television and film adaptations of its owned IP’s.

Speaking on the acquisition, Rebellion co-founder and CTO Chris Kingsley said: “The levels of growth in television content for streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon, have been astronomical in recent years. The demand for ongoing original content is bigger than ever and we’re seeing more big players wanting to get in on the action…This is very exciting for the domestic and global film industries but it’s also meant that our infrastructure is under increasing pressure. The new studios will help relieve some of that pressure whilst also adding to the growing figures of people employed in the UK film and TV industry, which has increased by 20% in the last five years.”