Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Online Tournaments, Holiday Z Capsules

Dragon Ball FighterZ just received a free update that adds a few new features for fans to enjoy. Most notably, players will now be able to participate in daily online tournaments featuring all manner of unique rules. Some will limit character selection, while others will do things like disable health and ki gauges. Others, like King of the Kamehameha, only allow characters with access to the attack. All one has to do to participate is find one they like on the Tournament Selection screen and jump in.

Additionally, players can earn “Z Trophies” from these tournaments and display them in their own trophy room. Everyone gets one to start with, but they can purchase different ones with the Zeni, the in game currency. New seasonal Z Capsules have also been added into the game and feature Christmas-themed costume color schemes, stamps and lobby avatars.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Check out our review and see if it’s a fight worth joining.