Path of Exile for PS4 Delayed to February

Path of Exile for PS4 was announced earlier this month, and it was slated for a December release. Unfortunately, the game will no longer be coming to the console before the end of the year. Grinding Gear Games announced the delay on their forums yesterday evening, citing an unanticipated workload as the primary cause.

According to the developer, they underestimated the amount of work it would take to get the game certified for PlayStation 4, and it seems the busyness inherent to the Christmas season isn’t helping matters. They go on to say that they’re confident that they’ll have everything ready by January, so players should be able to have confidence in the new release date.

The PS4 version of the game will include all content released for the PC and Xbox one, including the new Betrayal expansion coming in a few days. Delays aren’t fun to be sure, but at least PS4 fans can look forward to getting a better-performing version of the game at launch.

Path of Exile is currently available on PC and Xbox One, and is coming to PS4 in February 2019.