Facepunch Studios Brings Turn-Based Tactics Game Clatter Out in December

Facepunch Studios is the developer best known for the hit online survival game Rust, which finally left Early Access earlier this year. Yet for such a massively popular game, the full release feels like a blip on the radar. That could possibly be due to the game having already sold tons of copies and gained tons of coverage during its years in Early Access. With all the hullabaloo already provided in the past, there was no need for it again, it seems. Facepunch is ready to release its latest game, however, due out next month. It’s a turn-based tactics game about robot battles that goes by the name of Clatter. And judging by the promise in the trailer below, here’s hoping it does get the proper hullabaloo.

Taking the form of a futuristic sport played by robots, Clatter first appears like a blend of Battlebots and XCOM. However, one notable twist is in the large amount of management elements and customization. Between modifications to players, making your own arena, or tricking out your commander’s appearance, there’s a lot to work with. Throw in a colorful and cartoonish art style, and you have the makings of another potential hit. It’s not known when exactly Clatter comes out, but it’s set for this December, so keep your eyes peeled.